Highlights in issue 62 (April/May19)

  • Paul Trimble tells us more about the Whip and Collar Driving Club
  • Jessie Dudley-Apicella’s successful Hackney driving day
  • Fit for the purpose: exercises to do while you are out and about 
  • Drive 500 – who’s been going the distance?
  • An ex-driving horse who’s now taking the dressage world by storm
  • What’s happening at this year’s Victoria Foods Driving Extravaganza
  • When two become one: the merging of two carriage driving clubs
  • Working horses trial natural flood management
  • Equine heart murmurs and arrhythmias explained
  • Donkey business: meet Anne Brown’s long-eared superstars
  • The history and purpose of items of clothing
  • Going sideways with Sara Howe 
  • Sarah Bartlett introduces her Fell pony driving star Billy
  • Watching the waistline

Issue 62 (inc.P+P UK only)